1.1 Vasangini, a Self-esteemed business is an Online Brand and presence. Vasangini, the most promising supplier is growing into a trusted and dominant player in the online presence with its prompt services. Our registered address is Sector - 1, Mansarovar, Jaipur 20 (Raj.) , INDIA.

1.2 Terms and Conditions apply to all the Products purchased via e-mail order or OUR Website. We may change the Terms to align them with current laws and regulations. The correct Terms and Conditions will be those in effect at the date of your order. If you place an order after we have published any changes, you will be bound by the new changes. Therefore, please make sure you check each order and understand the precise Terms and Conditions applicable to your purchase. Please read our Terms & Conditions carefully; hence you need to accept them before Vasangini will accept your order.

1.3 We did our best to make these Terms and Conditions easy to process, but we understand that you may have some uncleansed about some sections when you read them. Our staff are here to assess you and provide the needed help.

1.4 If you have a query about these Terms and Conditions or do not accept them, please get in touch with us by Whatsapp- +91- (978) 2549058 or Online- contact.


Placing an Order

2.1 This section presents the legally binding contract between You and Us

2.2 You may purchase Product(s) from us by placing an order on Our Website, by e-mail order or through Whatsapp to our sales team on +91- (978) 254-9058. You must be 18 years or over to place an order and be authorised to purchase the Products.

2.3 You are responsible to provide us correct information about You (including Your email, telephone, address, and delivery address for Your Purchases). Otherwise, We will not confirm Your order or deliver your Purchases.

2.3 After your Purchase, we will send You as soon as possible an email to the email address You have provided to us confirming receipt of Your order, Your payment, Your order number, and your details.

2.4 We will accept no order until We receive your payment. A contract will be formed once we receive the payment and We accept Your order, but You still have the right to request the cancellation within stipulated time-frame.

2.5 We will contact You if Your order has not been accepted. This chase happens when:

  • The Product(s) are unavailable
  • We cannot authorise Your payment
  • You are not allowed to purchase the Product
  • We are not allowed to sell the Product to You
  • You have ordered too many Products
  • There has been a mistake in the pricing or description of the product(s)


Product Specifications

3.1 Most of Our goods are made from 100% Cotton or Rayon, but some other items may use Silk, and other fabrics and materials accordingly, appearances may vary.

3.3 Most of Our Products do not require home assembly, with certain Products, such as wardrobes, dining tables, beds and some wardrobes needing a small amount of home assembly. The Products that need home assembly will be identified in each Product Specification on Our Website. Our suppliers aim to ensure that any assembly is as simple as possible and straightforward, not affecting the quality or structural integrity of the Product.

Clearance Products

4.1 From time to time, We may have a Clearance marked section on Our Website. Products found under “clearance” will be discounted ranges, clearance products or products previously removed from their packaging. All these Products are otherwise new, and Our clearance range does not contain any products that have been once delivered or returned from Our customers.

Prices and Payments


5.1 The price of the Product(s) is as mentioned to you via Our telephone sales team, via e-mail or as presented on Our Website. Prices in INR or USD do not include GST or VAT, where appropriate, at the prevailing rate and are subject to any promotional offer or discount.

5.2 The prices displayed on Our Website are for online purchases and promotions. The prices of Our online advertisements are valid strictly until midnight on the day on which the promotion expires.

5.3 We take highly responsible care to ensure that the product’s prices presented to you are correct. However, it might happen, despite Our best efforts, that some of the products might be displayed at an incorrect price. If We accept and process Your order where a pricing error occurs and has been recognised by you as a mispricing, We may refund You the paid sums and require the return of the Products from You.

5.4 Our pricing policy can be found on the pricing policy page of Our Website.


6.1 You can pay by Debit card, Credit card, UPI, GPay, Phone Pay, PayPal, at the time of your order. Cards we accept are VISA, VISA Electron, Maestro and MasterCard. The price of any Product is the one you find on the website in place at the date and time of Your order. You assure that all details You provide to us when purchasing Our Products are correct: that the PayPal, credit, or debit card you use is Your own and that You have sufficient funds to cover the cost of your desired Product(s). We reserve the right to obtain validation of your PayPal, credit, or debit card detail before We accept Your order.

6.2 Payment will be taken in full at the time of the order or when we deliver the Product(s).

6.3 For the Product(s) ordered through Our Website, we only accept PayPal, credit, or debit cards.

Shipping and Delivery

7.1 Processing of the items requires 3-8 business days (before dispatch), depending upon order type and other factors, after the Order has been placed with successful payment. Tentative Delivery is around 3-10 business days, from the date of Dispatch. Rest, it may vary depending upon the Destination City and Zip code, as well as selected Courier partners or Delivery Channels and other relevant factors. For customer's convenience, similar info is mentioned on the Shipping tab of every product details page also.

7.2 It is essential that you be at Your home to accept the delivery. If you are unavailable to accept the delivery, make sure someone authorized at your property (provided address) can take the delivery for You. We would not be liable for failure to deliver due to inaccessibility to area or damages caused to Your property unless Our negligence caused them.

7.3 We are delivering only to addresses in India, US, UK Australia, Singapore, Mexico, Canada and Few European Countries. For larger or bulk orders, we may provide to few other areas. Delivery to certain postcodes may take longer than others.

7.4 Due to our large variety of products and options of finish and materials, we do not keep any Product(s) in stock. Any ordered Product(s) will be launched into production or processing after receiving a firm order from You. Once the Product(s) has arrived in Our Warehouse storage or partner location, we shall initiate delivery process, or we may contact You to establish the best delivery date.

7.5 Our estimated delivery time for Our Product(s) is between 3-12 days, from the date of dispatch for orders to be dispatched within India and 1-3 weeks for International orders.

7.6 We provide free delivery for Product(s) outside India, over USD 350 or else otherwise mentioned + GST or VAT. For Product(s) under the above fee, we may charge a minimum of USD 30 +GST or VAT as a delivery fee per item, outside India (as on during FY 2022-23). Subject to 8% increase every FY.

7.7 Any changes you wish to make to Your order have to be done in the 24 hours (or end of the day) whichever earlier, since you purchased the Product(s). Your confirmed delivery date will change.

7.8 If We cannot make the delivery at the pre-arranged time due to factors under Your control, such as if the Product(s) do not fit, We may charge You failed delivery returns fees to cover Our direct costs. The charges are based on the size and number of Products. We will not charge You failed delivery returns fees if You contact Us to rearrange the delivery date. A USD30 fee will still be payable by You for International customers (outside India) and Rs. 100 for customers within India.

7.9 We guarantee 100% the quality of Our Product(s), but in the unlikely event that there is an issue with your Product(s), please notify us within 24 hours from the time Your product(s) has been delivered to You. Once You have reported the issue, Our customer service team will contact you within two Working Days. We cannot provide a refund for the customised Product(s), but we will find the best solution to solve any problem by fixing it or replacing the Product(s) for You at a cost. Fixing the Product(s) shall take 30 days, and replacing it shall take 4-10 weeks. If the Product(s) arrives in different specifications, not the ones You specified, then a 100% refund will be available after 14 days since the day we collected Product(s) from You, if it fulfils all the criteria as mentioned in our Returns and Refunds policy. A proof of Parcel opening Video will still be required, as mentioned, and you have to inform within 24 hours within receiving the item. Should You wish to place the same order, We will do our best that the one delivered would be the correct one this time, and We will offer a discount on the total price. The new Product(s) will have the similar delivery time as Your previous Product(s). For any reported fault of the Product(s), please provide us with certain information, including a photograph of the damage, so that we can investigate and solve the issues(s). Nothing in this paragraph will affect Your statuary rights.

7.10 For orders containing multiple items, the delivery date is the standard one, between 1-3 weeks.

7.11 The Product(s) is Your responsibility from the time we deliver the Product(s) to the provided address or updated address via communication.

7.12 You own the Product(s) once We have received payment in full and have delivered it to You. Please note that We cannot remove any of Your packaging.


8.1 If you wish to cancel Your order, please get in touch with Us within 24 hours since You placed the order, and we will provide You with a 100% refund (except PayPal or payment gateway service fees) that You will receive within seven working days since you placed Your order. Please be aware that if You cancel Your order after 24, We will be not able to provide You with a refund.

8.1 It is Your right to request for a cancellation if You change your mind, but please note our 24 hours policy.

8.2 To exercise Your right of cancellation, You can contact Us by e-mail or complete our contact form found on Our Website.

8.3 After You exercise the cancellation of Your order, it is required; that you return the Product(s) wthin 1-2 days. If the Product(s) are not appropriately packaged for transit, We may: (i) charge You a fee to repackage the Product(s) at an adequate standard to 100% protect them; or (ii) accept the Product(s) and make a deduction of the value of the refund. Nothing in this paragraph affects Your statuary rights.

8.5 To meet the cancellation period deadline, please make sure You request for cancellation of your order within 24 hours since You placed the order.

8.6 If You decide to cancel Your order, we will reimburse the full payment of Your purchase, including the delivery cost (except Payment Gateway fees and for the extra costs arising if You choose a type of delivery other than the least expensive offered by us) deducting any return fees. However, for International orders, Payment Gateway's Service fees will be deducted (as it is non-refundable and as per their policies).

8.7 We may make a deduction from the reimbursement for loss in value of the Product(s) supplied up to the total price of the Product(s), in the case where the loss is the result of damage caused whilst the Product was in Your access.

8.8 We will make the reimbursement 7-14 days after We receive the Product(s) back from You; or if no Products were supplied to You, 14 days after You let us know about Your decision to cancel Your order.

8.9 We will reimburse using the same payment method you used for the initial transaction. You will not incur any fees because of the reimbursement. We may withhold reimbursement until We receive the Product(s) back.

Your Rights and Claims

Your rights where We deliver faulty Products

9.1 According to the law, we must supply products described by Us and fit for purpose and satisfactory quality.

9.2 don’t hesitate to contact us using the contact details in section 1.4 to discuss any required repair of the Product(s), a replacement Product(s), or a refund. We will ask You for specific information about the Product(s) to investigate and resolve the issue.

9.3 Ay refund made to You for faulty Product(s) will be subject to Us collecting the Product(s) from You at Our cost. We will agree on an ideal time to come and collect any faulty Product(s).

9.4 For more detailed information on Your rights and what You should expect from Us, please visit the Citizens Advice website or Whatsapp +91-(978) 254-9058.

Guarantees and Claims under guarantee

10.1 This section applies in addition to Your statutory consumer rights about faulty or not as described Product(s). These rights are not affected by the guarantee.

10.2 We guarantee our Product(s) against faulty quality or faulty materials for 15 days from the date We delivered the Product(s) to You. We reserve the right to inspect the Product(s) and verify the fault.

10.3 These guarantees do not cover fair wear, tear and natural characteristics of Products. Neglect of Your Products in failing to follow correct care procedures as outlined in the Specification section of all our Products; loss or damage due to fire, water, lighting, sunlight, weather, rusting, corrosion, theft or explosion; accidental damage, loss or damage caused by a third party carrier.

10.4 If a refund is given under the terms of the 15 days guarantee, We reserve the right to deduct from the refund amount a reasonable amount which aligns to the amount of use You have had of the Product since We delivered it to you until you wish for a refund.

Our Liability to You

11.1 These Terms and Conditions include Our liability for:

11.2 death or personal injury caused by Our negligence.

11.3 fraud.

11.4 fraudulent misrepresentation; or

11.5 any matter which it would be illegal for Us to exclude or attempt to exclude Our liability.

11.6 We are only liable to You for losses You suffer as a direct result of Our breach of these Terms and Conditions, and which are reasonably foreseeable. We are not responsible for any other losses.

11.7 We are not responsible to You for loss of earnings or any business losses that You may incur, including but not limited to lost profits, lost revenues, business interruption or lost data.

11.8 You may have other rights granted by law, and these Terms and Conditions do not affect these.


ADR, Privacy & Confidentiality

Alternative Dispute Resolution

12.1 If you have a complaint, Alternative Dispute Resolution is the proper process that an independent body can use to resolve any disputes without going to court.

Privacy & Confidentiality

13.1 Vasangini may be responsible for any personal information You may provide to Us. Information provided to Us remains confidential. We are committed and ensuring your Privacy. We will only use the information we collect about You by data protection legislation and Our Privacy Policy found on Our Website. Please read to understand in its entirety our Privacy Policy.

General Terms

14.1 When purchasing a Product, you agree that You are buying the Product for Your personal use and not to trade with (for example, resale or commercial distribution).

14.2 These Terms and Conditions are only available in English.

14.3 You cannot transfer Your right under these Terms and Conditions to another person.

14.5 We may transfer any of Our rights under these Terms and conditions to any person or ask anyone to fulfil any aspect of them without affecting the performance of these Terms and Conditions.

14.5 The right under These Terms and Conditions are shared only between You and Us.

14.6 You may not use Our trademarks or intellectual property without Our prior written consent.

14.7 If You are a consumer, nothing in these Terms and Conditions will affect Your statutory rights.

14.8 If any of these Terms and Conditions are found to be illegal, invalid, or unenforceable by any court of competent jurisdiction, the rest of these Terms and Conditions shall remain in full force and effect.

14.9 The Indian Law shall apply to these terms and conditions, and any dispute between You and Us and You at this moment agree to the non-exclusive Jaipur jurisdiction of the Courts.

14.10 These terms and conditions, together with Your order form, set out the whole of Our agreement relating to the supply of Products to You by Us.

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