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What Varieties I can find with you ??

At Vasangini, you can Explore Unique and Latest Collection of various Women Apparels, including Home Decor as well as Home furnishing items.

Just to name a few - Designer Kurtis, Chikankari kurta Sets, Wedding Gowns, Party Wears, Nightsuits, Traditional Sarees, Handbags, Ikat bags, Kantha Quilts, Tapestries, Roundies, Wall hangings, Decor and Pooja Items and many more...

What is the price range of the items ??

A low price item may not mean, it is of Cheap Quality. A High-price item is not coming beyond the Galaxy. What Vasangini assures, is of utmost reasonable price of each item, our customers can find on our website.

We normally don't believe in price comparison with Competitors, but still, we assure, you won't regret after your purchase. And Yes, Quality matters, which, we at Vasangini, believes In.

How to find the Right size of Item ??

For our customers, we have prepared the Visual Guide alongwith the Size Chart, that you can easily find on each product page, separately. You can find any item of your choice from the Shop page.

That should help and give you close to perfect understanding of what you are looking for. You can take an idea and select the item according to your needs and Fit.

Why should I buy from Vasangini !!

Well, You may want to look more About Us here

We don't believe in false Advertisement. If you managed to find Us, then probably you may have reached the right place. With our Online presence, and Customer Satisfaction; our buyers find easy and convenient to Shop with Vasangini.

Below is What our Customers says about us-
 - Easy to connect with
  - Retaining Transparency
 - Proper follow-up
- Post-Sales Service
 - Timely Delivery
- A Quality Product..

When will my Order be Dispatched

Once funds gets Cleared, processing of your Ordered items gets initiated. You will receive further notifications, on the email ID that you shared during account registration or while placing the order.

Customers may even connect with our Whatsapp to enquire about and to get comparatively quick updates.

Is my money Safe ??

Once you make the Payment. Sit and Relax and have a cup of Coffee
Yes ofourse, it is that simple.

NO Fun !! Here is what next !!

With a growing list of Happy customers, you can find the views of few of our Customers here -

 India: When Customers pay via UPI, Bank or other available Digital mode , they need to share the details of Transaction via our Global Whatsapp number. They will receive further updates, via Whatsapp itself, in addition to their Account Dashboard.

 International: Customers outside India, are paying through PayPal Secure Payments. And hence, their money is already 100% secured. We may have other  Payment options too, which they will find during Checkout. And ofcourse, those are considered as secured too.

What will happen after making a Purchase ??

Once you place the order. You will receive further updates on your Registered email ID. Say, regarding, In-Progress, Processed, Dispatched, and so on, so forth.

: Initially you may find the Order-Status as On-Hold. But No need to worry, as the moment the funds gets cleared, the status of On-Hold will get released and be changed, thereon.

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FAQs - Order and Payment Related

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How do I Pay For My Order?

India: Customers from India have wide range of available payment methods. They may pay via GPay, PhonePe, Paytm, UPI, Bank Transfer (IMPS, NEFT). More flexibility with other payment options may be added too.

International: We accept payments through PayPal, Credit Card viz., Visa / Master Card. One of the  Safest and Most Secure option available for convenience. You will be able to pay via Payoneer (once enabled), as well as Direct Bank Transfer, from within.

I Don’t Have A PayPal Account How Can I Pay?

You do not need to worry. In case, you don’t have PayPal account, you can still make payment using Visa/Master Card through the PayPal page or 2nd button shown on the Checkout page.

PayPal page option - When you click on Pay using PayPal, you should get 2 further options-
1. Pay via PayPal.
2. Pay using Credit / Debit card.

OR Else, select directly the Button on the Checkout page, that reads as Pay using Credit / Debit Card

PS: Even when you choose 2nd option, the page will redirect you to PayPal website, where you can proceed with the same 2nd option, that is, using your debit or credit card. Fill the required Card and billing information.
PS: Your credit card/debit card information is 100% secure with PayPal. We do NOT store such information.

Is Registration Required To Place An Order?

Quick Answer - NO
We offer you quick, easy and hassle free system to place your order where no as such required prior-registration. However, while you place your order, Shipping Address is mandatory, in order for us to get minimum required details, to dispatch the item.
Thereby, once you place order on the site, your account will be created automatically, and basic account information with order confirmation email will be shared with you.

Can You Deliver My Order Faster? Do you have Express Shipping option?

International: Yes, we can deliver your order within 3-8 business days.
For that, you can choose Express service during checkout.
After adding items into the cart please select Express from the available shipping methods during checkout.

PS: If you do not find any Express option, chances are that you may have selected the item, which will be dispatched through Express Shipping method itself. Or the Cart Total meets minimum requirement to qualify for Express Shipping.

India: Items normally get shipped through best available Courier methods. However, you may find additional option for faster shipping method for certain items, with additional yet very reasonable price.

Can I Change My Delivery Address?

You can change the delivery address until your Ordered have been shipped. Once an item is shipped, we will be unable to change or accept the change in the delivery address.
We would suggest you to please change the Delivery address or request for the same as soon as possible.

How Can I Track My Order?

Once you receive the tracking number, you should be able to track your order from the relevant tracking site. You need to enter order number and your Email id, to check the details.

Order ID- You can find it in your order confirmation email
Email - The one which you registered on our Site or used for a Transaction.

International customers can track their parcels from DHL's official website, if it is dispatched from the same. Or else, they will be shared respective tracking details.

Can I Make Changes into My Order?

In general, modification can't be made once the order has been placed, due to auto-capture of details within the system, which cannot be amended either.
However, for exceptional reasons or some shipping related necessary changes you may need to write us at sales@vasangini.com.
PS: Updates in the orders can only be possible, until the Ordered items gets dispatched

What, if Item Did Not Get Delivered Within the Time-Frame when opted Express Service?

Although we at Vasangini takes responsibility, but are not liable for shipping or any such related delays. As there are multiple factors with 3rd Party involvement. Usually it delivers within 4-8 business days (with Express Shipping).
Time may vary depending upon End-Location, be it Non-Remote Area, with NO such COVID guided restriction or Lockdown. Delay may occur due to Customs or at Ports. Natural calamities are always exceptional.

How Do I Check My Order History?

Checking Order History has never been easier. Once you place your order at Vasangini (even without registration), your account gets created automatically.
An email will be sent with Order Confirmation details so that you can check order history anytime in the future. That will help you to easily place repeat Orders with us too.

Can Item be Returned or Exchanged?

Item can be Replaced for either of below reasons-

  • Item is Not what you purchased.
  • Color or size of the item is not what you ordered.

Item is Not entitled for Return or Replacement request -

  • If the item is ON-Sale
  • If item is customized
  • If you did not contacted within 2 days of delivery.

Item must be unworn or unused and in a Sellable condition. If the returned item is Not found in  New condition, then an appropriate fees will be deducted from your amount, or it may not be entitled for Refund.
Return Shipping or postage charges will have to be born by the customer.

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FAQs - Others

Get answers on most asked queries

I want to Purchase an Item that shows Out-of-Stock?

We are Sorry to know that the item you wanted to purchase may gets Sold-Out. If you missed to get your favourite item, then do not hesitate to drop a message to us. Please click the button “Have Questions - Ask Us” shown on every product page (Above Out of Stock or Add to Cart button).
Once we receive your message, we will try to give you an estimated time, if and when an item will be Restocked. We will update you via email.

What Should I Do If Item Is Found Damaged?

First of all, you must notify us immediately via email at the same day after receiving the order with attached photos/video of the damaged/defective/broken item so that we can look further into the matter.

I Am Getting An Error While Making Payment, What Shall I Do?

If you face any issues during Checkout or while making payment, then please write to us email on sales@vasangini.com.
Please share details of problem you are facing alongwith the Screenshots.

Any Tips or Suggestions??

Customers from India - It is Mandatory to prepare a Parcel Opening Video, once you received your item (before opening parcel), just in-case.
During any sort of discrepancy, this is to ensure smooth proceedings for the Return or Exchange of the item. And in order to maintain transparency across Channels or Sources.
The video can then be shared through our Whatsapp number (mentioned on Contact Us as well as bottom of this page)

Keep your Mobile or Camera still while shooting.
First of all, please take a close-up of affixed Label (To and From addresses), alongwith the Tracking ID or AWB number.
Then rotate the parcel in all directions (360 degree, with camera at one-place)
Then open or tear the outer-cover or poly-bag of the parcel along the sealed area, with your bare-hands. (Please do NOT use Sharp objects like Scissor, so as to avoid damage of the item)
Shoot until you take out the item/s and checked properly.

Remember to put in Airplane mode (if using mobile) before starting the shoot, so as not to get interrupted in-between.
Unclear, Broken or disrupted shoot (joined later-on), won't help either way.

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We will keep adding more FAQs to this list. Once we receive any repeat inquiry related to any specific point.

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If above list did not answer your queries. Or, If you are unable to find what you are looking for, then please do not hesitate to drop us an email ID or contact us here.
For urgent queries you may even contact us via Whatsapp from below Social icons list.